Finalist rijksstudio awards - 2017

This etching by Johannes Christiaan Janson shows an image that is lost in this modern western society; a woman reading in the dark, with only one small lighting source. A peaceful scenery with no disruption from the outer world. We would like to help recreate this peaceful feeling of being alone in the dark, no phone, no distractions, just you, one light and your imagination...

“Holy Light” is a table lamp but also a lightweight object that can be worn as an accessory by simply placing the hairband structure in the two connection points. Besides giving a smooth warm light that makes the reading experience pleasurable, “Holy Light” is a symbolic gesture indicating that the reader needs a quiet moment.

Take a quiet moment for yourself and read. Have the time for a greater understanding of reality, a better knowledge and a certain kind of wisdom. Become inspired and spiritually enlightened.