We are a design collective based in Amsterdam.

We are architects, product & fashion designers, hands on craftsmen, fun-seekers & food lovers.

We design spaces, objects & human interactions.

We like to question the norms, the standards, the existing, the boundaries of design.

We develop bold, fun, exciting spatial interventions & experiences that challenge the way people behave within a context be it an event, a space or the city itself.

We love to interact with people, learn from their wishes and expertise as well as develop ideas with them.

We embrace new sustainable technologies, processes & materials.

We question, collaborate, add and make a point.


Anna Musch
Fashion & Graphic Design

Anna is the passionate, smiling Dutchy of our collective. Her creativity knows no boundaries and she will always come up with new and fresh solutions to every design problem she is attempting to tackle. Sustainability is key. Anna is curious and always asks the right questions. She is constantly experimenting and is not afraid to get out of her comfort zone to try new things. Anna has a great sense of humor and so do her designs. She loves cucumber, lemon or mint infused water. Anna always carries healthy food with her for the whole team and we love her for that!
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Eliza Mante
Spatial Design

Eliza is super focused and you will never end up in unnecessary discussions with her, she is very reasonable and smart. Her self-created images of future spaces and interiors are so rich that they don’t only show how they will look but also give you an idea of how you will feel being inside of them. And you will feel amazing. It is a delight to go through Eliza’s sketchbook; in a few black lines she shows a lot. Eliza has a lot of technical knowledge so you know for sure her proposals are not only great ideas but also feasible. Her favorite color to work with is blue.
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Cleo de Brabander
Industrial Design

Cleo brings a warm Caribbean vibe to our studio. Born and raised in Curacao, her fluffy hair reflects her outgoing personality. She is dynamic, adventurous, socially driven and always organized. She loves nature, cooks nice dishes inspired by her travels and makes everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. Cleo focuses on daily problems and finds spot-on design solutions. By daring to ask all kinds of questions she knows how to translate complex problems into sophisticated designs. She does this with her own special combination of rational thinking and sensitivity.
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Stefanos Filippas
Spatial Design

Born and raised in Athens, this thick-bearded Greek knows how to make our studio enthusiasm vibrate like a guitar string. With this enthusiasm, backed up by logic and persistence, Stefanos always comes up with creative ideas. His designs are straight forward, clean and simple. By working night and day he almost manages to satisfy his perfectionist soul. Stefanos blends in easily with the girls. His power food is pasta with tomato sauce and one of his biggest dreams is to make a roadtrip across Europe on a motorcycle.
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